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Software Engineer II at Liaison International
Before: Help Desk Support

I landed 3 big freelance projects during my time in the program to easily cover my entire program tuition.

web development full-stack immersive bootcamp
Ben Ricker
web development full-stack immersive bootcamp
Software Engineer at Cloudistics
Before: Architect

I cannot underestimate how worthwhile the Firehose experience was for me. It is a very well-run bootcamp and I especially realized how fast I was learning during the bootcamp when I was back to learning on my own.

web development full-stack immersive bootcamp
Denis Martens
web development full-stack immersive bootcamp
Technical Analyst at Madison Square Garden
Before: Project Manager

I switched into a new career before I even graduated from Firehose.

web development full-stack immersive bootcamp
Audrey Wong
Web Engineer at WeTransform
Before: IT Product Management

The big difference at Firehose is the personal touch. I recommend the program to everyone. I mean, nothing is perfect, but I give you a 9.999. :)

web development full-stack immersive bootcamp
Jose Moreno
web development full-stack immersive bootcamp
Software Developer at Image Options
Before: Chemistry Student at UCLA

I accepted a position as a software developer shortly after graduating.

web development full-stack immersive bootcamp
Weng Cheong Sin
web development full-stack immersive bootcamp
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An Air Force Veteran

Walley Yang

After 12 years in the U.S. Air Force, Walley decided that he wanted to transition full time into programming. With a full-time job and family, he didn't have the ability to pack up his things and leave for a different state for months at a time. He knew that an online bootcamp was the right fit for his situation.

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A Career Switcher

Christina McIntyre

Chris had been homeschooling her children as a stay-at-home mom, but was looking for an effective way to break into the technical world of software development. Living in a small, rural area, Chris knew it would be difficult to find challenging and rewarding work.

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An Entrepreneur

Thomas Petrini

Thomas had raised over $2 million from investors for his previous company, building it into 10 employees with operations in five states. However, as he set out on his next venture, he knew firsthand the limitations he would face as a non-technical founder trying to launch a business.

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A Construction Manager

Shaun Shapiro

Shaun graduated from college and began a career as a project manager in construction, but shortly realized he wasn't satisfied. He started to explore coding, and after playing around with Python and a few tutorials, he was hooked.

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Alumni Portrait
Sharon Siegel
Junior Web Engineer
Pharmacy Technician
Alumni Portrait
Chad Baum
@American Express
Product Manager
Staff Attorney
Alumni Portrait
Antoine Macia
@Disco Labs
Rails Developer
Alumni Portrait
Nick Taylor
@Chatham Financial
Software Developer
Senior Design Project Leader
Alumni Portrait
Emmanuel Jucaban
@eHealth Solutions Inc.
Full-Stack Software Engineer
Computer Engineering Student
Alumni Portrait
Yowon Yoon
Support Engineer
Biology and Music Student
Alumni Portrait
Chris Coovrey
@Zync Up
Data Scientist/Backend Engineer
Quantitative Manager
web development full-stack immersive bootcamp
James Foster
Junior Web Developer
Store Manager
web development full-stack immersive bootcamp
Myo T Kyaw
@RGR Marketing
Software Engineer
web development full-stack immersive bootcamp
Mark Eberhard
Front-End Developer
web development full-stack immersive bootcamp
Ryan Kawall
Junior Software Engineer
Network Engineer
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