ken mazaika


Ken Mazaika — April 2023

36 years old


Who I am, relationships, personal goals, long-term assets

  • Thought-leader that is recognized.
  • Active YouTuber or podcaster.
  • Married and building a small family.
  • Working on a small, but tight knit team.
  • Side project like
  • Well dressed, good wardrobe
  • Living in a city different than San Francisco. Maybe: Boston, NYC, Washington DC or Seattle?


Habits, routines, day-to-day

  • Frequently writing.
  • Working out, hitting the gym, running, yoga.
  • Morning routine, relaxing & energizing ritual
  • Spending time with a deliberate 5 people. (“You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most amount of time with”).
  • Expanding my network, meeting down to earth people who are doing interesting things.


  • Flexible
  • Focused
  • Writing
  • Grit

Knowledge & Experience

  • Technology: Coding, Building Products, etc.
  • Support: Working with unhappy customers, making customers feel taken care of.
  • Writing: Blog posts, quora, etc.
  • Video and Audio Production

What Drives Me

Principles and quotes

  • Improving something every day. “What did I accomplish today” → always have one good answer.
  • Leave something better than you find it.
  • Being an expert, being knowledgeable, having people look to me for expertise.
  • Accomplishing things I think are impossible
  • Counterbalancing: strengths can be weaknesses and weakness can be strengths.
  • Understanding that most people have good intentions in most situations.

Transferable Skills

  • Act as an individual contributor
  • Writing software
  • Writing articles, blog posts, etc.
  • Customer Support
  • Teaching
  • Leading technical teams
  • Building Businesses (lessons learned the hard way)

    • Scaling processes (the wrong way and the right way)
    • Hiring (job descriptions, responsibilities, etc.)
  • Strategic thinking & tactical thinking
  • Winging it.
  • Organizing chaos.