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Starting From Zero

2019-04-29 ken mazaikascribblings

In August of 2013 Marco Morawec and I created our first meetup group. We called it the Learn2Code meetup group and without a budget, brand name or experience doing it before we built our audience from the ground up.

Since that day, we were able to focus on:

  • Growing our audience
  • Monetizing our work
  • Leveraging our existing audience to help us grow audiences elsewhere

These steps - while seemingly humble - were the first steps we took on our path to build a company that was acquired by Trilogy Education. On our way, we accomplished a number of satisfying milestones:

  • Built, organized and tracked a mailing list of thousands of engaged fans.
  • Setup a blog and website that generated 30,000+ unique visitors a month.
  • Developed systems and processes to make consistent and measurable progress on the work we were doing.

We accomplished a lot over the past 6 years - however, it’s been a long time since I’ve had the luxury to start from scratch…

Starting from zero


The opportunity to start from scratch is equal parts liberating and intimidating.

Starting from scratch is liberating. As a software developer, the feeling of green-fielding a project is always enticing.

Life is an opportunity of learning and hindsight is always 20/20. The only projects where all the decisions that were made were correct are projects that never shipped. Being grounded in reality: imperfection is a feature, not a bug.

Starting over means having the opportunity to get a clean slate, start fresh and leverage the experience of doing something once to do it again. Hopefully, the second time around doesn’t build off mistakes of the past.

This is the first written article on this blog. Writing it is freeing and filled with opportunity. There are no structures, systems, and processes that are confining and I’m free to try anything I want to.

Starting from scratch is intimidating. The opportunity to question everything, come up with new ideas and a clean start can be liberating, but it also means it’s difficult to rely on ways of the past to guide actions of the future.

And while making changes come at no cost, building an audience from the ground up is an intimidating measure. Having said that, I’m up for the challenge!

Where to go from here

Here’s what you can expect from me for the foreseeable future:

  • I’m publishing longer-form content on
  • I’m using to host short-form content (journal entries) & a collection of resources I post on other channels. I set traffic here to be tracked in Google Analytics.
  • I’m building a mailing list on mailchimp to start to distribute the content I produce.

Stay tuned for more content! And in the meantime, tweet at me if there’s anything you’d like to see, here!